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Diva Sisters


Diva Sisters

Roll out the red carpet & get the champagne on ice...The Diva Sisters are ready to entertain you! With stunning vocals and glitzy costumes we perform classic hits by some of the world's most famous divas. We'll belt out all the best songs from legends such as Whitney, Mariah, and Tina to modern day divas; Adele, Amy and Xtina! Depending on your type of event, our show can be performed Cabaret style to a sit down audience or as a high energy, interactive show, guaranteed to get you all on your feet! Either way, you won't be able to resist singing along diva style!


Show length: 1 x 1 hour or 2 x 45 mins


Diva Sisters is available as a duo or trio to professionally recorded backing tracks.




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I Will Survive

by Diva Sisters
  1. 01. I Will Survive
  2. 02. Sisters Are Doing it
  3. 03. I Wanna Dance